The Underestimated City (TUC) represents the mindset of being from a place in life that is underestimated. We design merchandise to convey the message that every individual can achieve their own goals and keep the attitude that stemmed from those humble beginnings. 



                  Formal Brand Logo                          The first brand design;                           "OG" Logo; TUC; Acronym
                                                                "Represent The Underestimated City"             for The Underestimated City                                                                                                                                      




    Acronym logo; Used as shorthand for "The           Oushi; "Bull" in Japanese;                 Sixth Div; Sub-brand of The
   Underestimated City"                                          Reference to past local team          Underestimated City; Alter-ego;
                                                                                                                                               Darker Imagery 


                 402 N. 4Th Ave., Tucson, Az 85705

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