Artesenias Xochiquetzal

Artesanias Xochiquetzal

Artesanias Xochiquetzal of Teotihuacan, Mexico, has teamed up with The Underestimated City in Tucson in bringing their artesanía to the United States. That means less cost in shipping and less time in delivery.

Artesanias Xochiquetzal has a variety of unique products, such as pre-Colombian loterias, arte de popotillo, revistas Arqueología Mexicana and bandanas of Tlaloc, Chalchiuhtlicue, Teotihuacan and Coyolxauqui.

Soon, there will be other bandanas of other pre Columbian imagery. There is also Nahuatl literature, 2023-2024 Calendar/agendas, primarily from Ce Acatl in Tenochtitlan and Indigenous maps (language, revolutions and cacao), chocolate and coffee from Cooperativa Cimarronez, also from Tenochtitlan.

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Any questions please call Arianna at the shop!